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How do I bid?
Pre-bidding: You can place both proxy and absentee bids prior to all live auction events. Once registered, select the "Event Catalog & Proxy Bidding" link and click on the image or lot number of interest. At the top of the pop-up box, you can choose which type of bid to place.

Live Event Bidding: After logging into the bidders applet, simply click on the green bid button representing the asking amount from the auctioneer. If your bid is accepted, you're the high bidder.

What is Proxy Bidding and how do I do it?
Proxy bidding is when you enter the maximum amount you are willing to pay for the item you want to bid on. During the auction event, the system will monitor the lot you are bidding on, placing bids based on the auctioneer's asking bid amounts for you automatically.  Should your bid be the highest at the end of the bidding, you've won the sale. In proxy bidding, BidLive can only bid UP TO your maximum bid amount, so bid high and bid often.

What is Absentee Bidding?
Basically works the same way as proxy bidding except absentee bids represent you only one-time at the beginning of the sale, if your bid was the highest absentee bid.  In other words, if you hold the highest absentee bid when your lot comes up for auction, the sale will open with your absentee bid amount. If no higher bids come in, you're the highest bidder and have won the sale.

Do I need to log out?
At the end of each auction event, you should select the "Logout" button on your bidder's panel.

I can't seem to login, what's wrong?
Typically, when users are having trouble logging in, they are using the wrong username and password combination. There is a forgot password link on the login page which you can use to recover your user id and password. Clearing the browser cache can also be helpful, as well as rebooting the computer. AOL users may find signing off and signing back on helps. If you have ongoing problems logging in, we recommend reviewing the tips found on the login assistance page.  Also, your browser must have cookies and java enabled.

What browser is best to view this site?
IE 5.0 and greater is by far the better choice. AOL browsers are also compatible, but we recommend that once connected to the Internet, minimize your AOL browser and start using your Microsoft Internet Explorer or IE browser for the best experience.

What Does It Mean When A Buyer's Premium Applies?
This Is A Percentage Of The High Bid That Is Added To The Bid Price. If An Auction Has A 10% Buyers Premium And The Winning Bid Was $100 The Winner Will Really Pay $110.

How Do I Contact JohnnyGilbert.com?
For billing inquiries contact 1-318-388-6103. Office hours are between 9am and 5pm central standard time, Monday through Friday. For fastest response email us.