Login Assistance


Please keep the following requirements in mind should you have complications attempting to load BidLive or login to our live auction events:


  • Use late and updated versions of the Internet Explorer browser for the best performance.  AOL browsers are fully compatible, but others like Mozilla, Mozilla Firefox and Opera browsers may have problems playing the audio stream.  Netscape browsers are not compatible.  Open an Internet Explorer browser usually found on your computer's desktop for full compatibility.

  • Java must be installed and enabled in the browser to open the BidLive bidding panel (see below for instructions).

  • Any pop-up suppression functions in the browser may need to be temporarily reconfigured to allow pop-up windows.

Q: I'm being prompted to load files when selecting the "Bidder Login" or "Observer Login."  Why?
A: BidLive intelligently audits your computer for certain files to ensure your auction experience is an exciting one. If necessary, BidLive will automatically download the necessary files to bring your system up-to-date. This could take as little as a few seconds to a couple of minutes depending on your Internet connection and how well you maintain your computer.  There is no need to go through this download process for future auction events.

Q: I'm being prompted to load a .cab file from Alliance Commerce.  Is this safe?
A: YES! This "cabinet" file includes the necessary files for our audio player that appears at the bottom of your bid panel. Alliance Commerce is our partner who developed the BidLive program you are about to use.  Their downloads are SAFE!  Just select "Yes" to enable the download of this file. You will only need to load this file once so any subsequent auction event you attend, you can simply login to the auction and begin bidding or observing.

Q: When I click on the "Bidder or Observer Login" link, the screen seems to flash and BidLive doesn't load.
A: You probably have pop-up software on your computer which will not allow the BidLive screen to appear. You may experience the same situation when attempting to view the catalog details as well as pop-ups are used here.  Modify your software settings to enable pop-ups temporarily during the auction.

Q: When I click on the "Bidder or Observer Login" link nothing happens.
A: This is rare, but probably due to your browser not having the necessary Java plug-in capabilities necessary to use BidLive. This is especially true of some Windows XP systems.  To download the Java plug-in, click the button below and download the file.  Once downloaded, follow the simple instructions to load this new technology on your system.  This is a completely safe program to have on your computer and will allow you to do more with your computer.

Note: Click the "Get it now" button and follow the installation instructions.