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1. While descriptions are believed to be accurate, the auctioneer and seller make no warranties or guarantees, expressed or implied.  Johnny Gilbert & Associates, Inc. will not be held responsible for any advertising discrepancies or inaccuracies.  Everything is sold "AS IS" and "WHERE IS" except as expressly made in writing.  All sales are final. No warranties are made as to the merchantability of any items or their fitness for any purpose. This catalog is provided as a guide only.


2. It is the buyer's sole responsibility for the removal and shipping of equipment and inventory, and must supply their own handling equipment and personnel. The buyer must repair/replace any damage that occurs during removal. It is the buyer's responsibility to secure all safety equipment to meet all applicable government safety standards in using or removing items purchased.


3. If any shortages exist on accounts, an adjustment will be made only if claims are made at the time of removal. No adjustments as to counts will be allowed after purchased item(s) are removed from the premises.


4. Sales Tax will be added to the purchase of all taxable items sold. Dealers who purchase for resale must forward their resale permit numbers to Johnny Gilbert & Associates, Inc.


5. Purchaser does hereby indemnify and hold harmless the auctioneer and seller from any and all damages, claims or liabilities from injuries to persons or property of any type whatsoever caused during the sale or by the removal or shipping of items purchased.


6. The seller and auctioneer shall have no liability to the buyer of any lot for non-delivery of any purchased item(s), other than the return of the buyer's deposit or payment on the lot if applicable.

7. In the event the purchaser fails to pay for the entire purchase with the time set forth by the auctioneer and/or fails to comply with any of the conditions or terms of sale, the seller may retain and/or recover any monies paid as part of its damages and, in addition thereto, items that are not paid for can be resold at public or private sale without further notice. Any deficiency resulting form such resale shall be due to the auctioneer by the defaulting purchaser together with all charges, fees, and expenses including reasonable attorney fees incurred by such resale and enforcement of the obligation hereunder.

8. No item can, on any account, be removed or shipped prior to full payment. Removal shall be at the expense, risk, and liability of the purchaser. Auctioneers shall not be responsible for items not removed within the time allowed when applicable. If items are not removed within the specified time, purchaser shall be liable for any moving and storage costs incurred and, if not so removed, the items shall be deemed abandoned and sold. 


9. Any announcements made on day of sale supersede all printed material. Auctioneer reserves the right to reject the bid of anyone who is not a registered bidder. Buyers Premium may apply.



Johnny Gilbert

Louisiana License  LA 316-06